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Fitting Irons
Optimal Length is Determined by the impact patterns on the face of the iron label
Properly Fitted lengths:
Increase Distance
Increase Consistency
Allow for Desired Ball Flight
Fitting For Flex
Each Iron built is an exact repleca of the optimal combination for each golfer.  This can only be determined by a fitting that allows the golfer to hit numerous combinations assembled by a "Quick Connector System"
Gapping The Set for LOFT
Carry Distance is a product of the Golfers Swing Speed and the loft of the Club
Iron Lofts should have enough difference between each so distances don't overlap.  This Insures there will be no Gaps in Distance Throughout the Set.  Gapping a complete set with the Flightscope gives exact distances so adjustments to clubs can be made.  

Iron Flex Matching
With the Flexmaster
Once an Optimal Flex is Determined each shaft is precisely flexed using the digital based Flexmaster.