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Label Testing:
​Label testing is essential to determining the consistency of the strike. 

Measures Optimal Length
Measures Center Faced Contact
Measures Consistency
Increase Distance
Increased Rollout
Fitting Drivers:
Our studio is equipped with Drivers in every model in every loft to ensure optimal Carry distances with low spin Rates that will increase roll and therefore increase total distance.  Optimal Launch angle is achieved by using a driver head that has enough loft to accommodate the golfers swing speed, and angle of attack. Carry distance is essential.  With our stable of adjustable drivers, and head styles, our customers gain distances far superior to what they are currently gaming.  

Shaft Testing:
​Our studio is equipped with the largest selection of "After-Market" Shafts in Upstate New York, and Western New England. We carry shafts from the finest Manufacturers in the Golf Industry Today.  Our ability to test many shafts in Many different model heads give our customers an exact fit. Our customers leave with a driver that out performs their current setup, in every case with increased distance, improved ball flight, lower spin rates, and improved consistency of contact.