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 The sole of the new k wedge is “fluted” which bears a striking resemblance to finger-tip impressions, or even human knuckles. These three channels reduce the resistance against the wedge in sand, thick rough, and even the fairway. The sole of the wedge moves with the grass instead of against it. The channels move around the sand instead of colliding with it. It allows the wedge to accelerate thru the ball with less effort in every condition to improve the odds of hitting a good shot.
The family's goal was to create a wedge with the heel and toe relief that many golfers are now looking for, but at the same time not compromise the basic fundamentals of a high performance golf club.
Mack Daddy 4
0311 Specialty Wedges

PXG 0311 Wedges
PXG 0311 wedges offer the versatility to play all the short shots needed to produce consistently low scores. The grooves have been designed to yield the maximum amount of spin on shorter shots near the green while optimizing spin on longer shots from the fairway. High-density tungsten alloy weights — which create the wedge's signature look — are positioned around the perimeter for unmatched feel and superior wedge play.
Now available in Chrome and Xtreme Dark
0311T Sugar Daddy Wedges
Tremendous Strength.
Consistent Performance.
With a body that is forged from 8620 soft carbon steel and then 100% CNC milled, PXG 0311T Milled Wedges present xtreme versatility and consistency with a variety of bounce options and sole designs. Most are available in Chrome and Xtreme Dark finishes.